Monday, April 18, 2011

a hodge podge

of pictures.

no rhyme or reason behind these ones.  no editing. 

just life.


I asked Lucy to make a "princess face" for me.  This is what I got.

Baby doll play is huge here right now. 

My pictures do not convey their love for each other.  Oh my heart is so full when I see these two together.

Crazy, weird lighting in this picture, I couldn't fix it, I tried.  But I love her dress, a gift from our friends, Holly and Brian xoxo

Lucy has a magic touch with Macy, she calmed this fussy, teething, just had 3 shots baby down and got her to sleep.

counting while Dada was hiding.  Coaly is the master at hide n seek.  He'll find you.  Anywhere.  In a matter of seconds.

Surface of tennis court - 15
Lucy's face - love
yes I'm clever with my tennis reference. 
Mike was trying to capture Macy "teething" on my nose, i.e. her favorite teething toy, but the camera caught her eye and she stopped what she was doing and this is what he got!

enjoy your week. 


The Kaslusky Family said...

clearly, big sister loving her "uhoh" calms macy down! love it!!

Lori said...

Smiles, hugs and kisses to my sweet Baboo and Babettes ... tomorrow is almost here! :-) XXXOOOMema

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