Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Little moments that I want to remember

A picnic dinner at "Dada's work" (The Naval Academy) on a gorgeous spring evening in Annapolis.
this is one of the naval academy sailboats that mike is qualified to sail on!  yes, come visit! :)

looking out onto the chesapeake bay.

sailboats on the severn river and the naval academy bridge is the background.

first time in the grass

she's not usually so serious!

enough pictures Mama!


Erin said...

What a fun day! Those definitely are the best moments to remember.

Autumn said...

Those are great! I love your blog; you should consider being a photographer!

What a fun assignment for you guys too!

Katie Fonash said...

I am so jealous when I look and see you all in spring/summer clothes and shoes. It is still cold and rainy here :(

gvizzaphotography said...

This looks like the most perfect afternoon. Definitely moments that will be wonderful to have captured. Really great pictures!

Manic Missy said...

New to your blog.. ur family is beautiful.. i have a blog too, about me & my family(mostly my daughter Emily). Feel free to follow if u like... :)

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