Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh how the years go by

*this little blast from the past had this sentimental fool weeping*

Not so much the freshly turned 2 year old on a trike he got for his Birthday
Instead a 4 year old riding a "big boy bike" like it's no big deal, down to the river and back without one push, one complaint, one "help me please Mama".

I guess you were ready for a big boy bike, I think it was your Mama and Dada who weren't quite ready.

And then there's this....

And riding together.  Happy. Carefree.



The Kaslusky Family said...

love the closeup of brady at 2 and lucy now---- so adorable!!! i can't wait to see these kids in person!

Lori said...

It goes so fast ... next he'll be asking for the car keys. Oh, I forgot he already knows how to start the car ....

Stretch My Check said...

Wow isn't it amazing when you look back? It seems like yesterday that they were born, and suddenly you have a big boy. Crazy stuff this motherhood is!

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