Thursday, June 18, 2009

This is how we ROLL

I am not a double stroller Mommy. It's just not for me! However when you have two kids and you want to exercise it seems that a double stroller is necessary (especially if you want to exercise when your husband is deployed which will be our case in 2 1/2 months). So we broke down and got's not your typical double stroller though which is why I love it! You won't see me pushing this around the mall but you will see me biking, walking and running with our new Croozer .

Such a smooth ride, we walked 1.5 miles this afternoon and both kiddos were so calm and relaxed. They both have lots of room. Brady got out of the stroller before I got the camera and he said he just wanted to stand next to it!

Croozer "profile" Right now we have the stroller wheel on the front, it has a large front wheel for jogging and it also has the bicycle attachment.


The Zaisers said...

I love it. It looks very comfortable. I bet Brady will be wanting to go on a stroller ride every day.

Laura said...

That thing looks like a space ship

Laura said...

p.s. You aren't a double stroller mommy? That's exactly what you said when you got your van. "I'm not a van person." You love your van and all things that make you "that mom!"

Lori said...

Looks comfy ... do you think I'd fit? I could use someone strolling me around all day!

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