Saturday, June 27, 2009

The (many) joys of summer

Wading in Little Sugarcreek, one of our favorite summer pastimes.
Yeah he looks like a 10 year old, I know.

Crocs, perfect wading gear.

Venturing a little further away from the Mama's (that's our friend Hannah).

And sometimes when all those joys of summer get to you (heat, humidity, soaking wet bum bum, bug bites), you end up in a time out in the car after throwing a major fit and you have to leave the park and go immediately home. But that never happens to my child, no, not here. He's an angel. All.the.time.

Can you see that face? He was pretty angry with me. Yeah.


Lori said...

Don't you be nasty to him.

Sarah said...

Looks like I lived in Dayton at the wrong time with my little much to do with them now that they're older! I'd kill for a creek like that for her to wade in!!

Jenny said...

Yeah you definitely did live here too early in Grace's life, there is just so much to do with them around here (particulary in the spring/summer). Too bad the weather was crap when you were in April.

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