Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Lots of randomness in this post but I had some things to share!

* On Saturday morning I ran my first organized "race". It was just 2 miles but that's a big deal for me! I have no picture proof of this happening but you can go here to see that I did in fact run it in a time of 20:44. Will move on and run a 5K in March! I really loved participating in this event and I can't wait to do more!

* Lucy is growing way too quickly. I'm going through the "please stop growing, this is the best stage ever" syndrome. I think that happens to every mother during every stage! She was 11 weeks on Friday. I'm saying today is the first day where she really did some of those great big belly laughs. It made me smile with glee and I belly laughed right with her. She loves to suck on her fingers, not her thumb, just fingers. Mostly on her right hand. Her index finger is raw because of it! We tried to get her to take the pacifier and sometimes she'll take it but she prefers what she has right there at her, no pun intended, finger tips!

* This little one, our friend Katie, turned 3 and we went to her party yesterday. The kiddos had fun together, as always.

*Our Gracie Girl turns 3 on Monday and she had her party yesterday. Makes my heart ache that we couldn't be there. We were at her first two birthday parties, her 1st bday here in Dayton and we flew out to California for her 2nd bday. Now they are in Las Vegas! Oh the life of a military family!

*That's all the randomness for now, more to come later perhaps or tomorrow!


Sarah said...

Jenny, I could just die, that picture of Lucy in the hat sucking on her finger is so ridiculously precious, I just melted!!!! Yes, I agree with you, she'd better slow down!!!! I haven't even met her yet! Miss you guys :(

Carrie said...

Congrats on your race! It is a huge milestone when you aren't a runner to begin with. I have my first 5K on Sunday and am afraid of falling flat on my face but hey - as long as I finish.

Lucy is so darn cute - I so wish I could photograph her! I bet she would be a blast!

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