Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: The Perspective Edition

1. I had a crummy day today.

2. Mostly due to the appointment I had with the allergist. I was there for 2 1/2 hours with Brady and Lucy. They were troopers, so good, both of them. Brady especially. We were in an itty bitty tiny room for that entire time. I was ready to lose it but Brady was well behaved and didn't seem to mind one bit. I learned that I'm allergic to every grass out there, a few trees, cats and dust mites. The doc says, yes, you need allergy shots but oh you will have to come in twice a week for at least 6 months before the shots will do you any good. Seriously? Twice a week for 6 months? Forget it. In 6 months it will be September and I don't have allergies in September.

3. All of this seemed like a big deal to me. Obviously allergies are silly and not a big deal at all but I had wasted a large chunk of my day and lost all my patience while I was there. So to me, it seemed to be a big deal.

4. I came home and my house was a mess, I had no idea what to make for dinner. Brady got cranky, Lucy woke up. I wanted a nanny. I wanted a maid. I wanted a nap. Really and truly, I wanted to run away.

5. Then somehow I stumbled across this story Then my day changed. I cried for a few hours. Because I was being selfish. Because I forgot what was important in life. Because my heart ached for this family. On January 22nd they found out their sweet little girl had cancer. And on February 8th she passed away.

6. So I read on and found out that I could help them in an itty bitty tiny way. Visit this link to see all the things available on etsy (over 300 items) to help this family remember their sweet, precious 11 month old who was taken Home all too soon.

7. You can visit this link too.

8. This made me think of all my THON friends and the THON families and the amazing, unbelievable total that THON raised this past weekend. $7.49 million for pediatric cancer. It's remarkable, it makes my heart swell. Want to learn more about THON? Visit this link. GO STATE! BEAT CANCER!

9. I held Lucy extra tight the rest of the day. And I hung on to every word Brady spoke the rest of the day. And I should do this every day. And I don't. I take too much for granted.

10. Hug your babies, or your spouse or your friends extra tight tonight. And tomorrow. And always.


Katie Fonash said...

The story and video brought tears to my eyes. What a sad story that does make one thing about their own complaints. But don't feel guilty for having a stressful day, we all do and it is ok to recognize. I think that the greatest strength can come in the power of others and their ability to cope with what life may throw at them. That couple was amazingly resilient in their faith and commitment to family.

The Zaisers said...

My heart aches for this family. Their story brought tears to my eyes and I pray for them as they continue on. Now that I am a mom these stories hit a little bit more closer to home. I will definitely be holding Hannah a little bit more and will be more patient with her and will enjoy every minute I am with her. Thank you for posting the link to the story. It has, as you have said in your caption, put things in perspective.

Sarah said...

Oh Jenny I can barely see through my tears to type this but thank you for sharing your frustrations and then the link to Macs and their tragic loss...it's changed my day, my week, my life.

Carrie said...

I don't know what to say but thank you! Thank you for sharing in your honesty and thank you for sharing the ability to learn from our daily triffles with life that are just not worth getting worked up over. Our children are a blessing to us and that is what needs to be remembered! Thank you!

The Kaslusky Family said...

dear jenny,
i hope your wednesday through pittsburgh weekend is better than your tuesday was. as far as the allergies. i had to have that test in middle school - and like you am allergic to everything - but i don't et the shots - my dr (not the allergist) told my parents it wasn't worth it for just fall allergies! haha....

meanwhile... i was missing you this weekend while staring at the computer screen in all its thon glory. what a special time that always was at psu and how i hope someday we can dance in celebration for a cure to save wonderful little girls like we have lost these past 4 weeks - and all the wonderful kids who went before them!

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