Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I am wearing three layers of clothing today. A cami, a long sleeve shirt and this awesome hoodie my sister got me for Christmas from J.Crew. All three layers have spit up on them thanks to Lucy who all of a sudden has become a spitter. She still comes no where close to her big brother who was the king of spit but all of a sudden, spit everywhere, always. Thankfully my mother-in-law has made me some cute burp clothes so at least I can be fashionable with spit up on my shirt!

2. I call Lucy several things. Lucy obviously. Lucy May, Lulu and Lu. And the one that I call her the most, my Mom started...Lulu Lemon. Which by the way is apparently a brand of yoga clothing that my sister wears! LOL Anyways I say Lulu Lemon in this sing song-y voice that gets the greatest smiles from her. I'm looking for some fabric that has lemons on it so I can make some things for her that I will have embroidered to say Lulu Lemon. If you come across any lemon fabric, let me know!

3. My Mom (Mema) sent Brady a seed starter kit in his Valentine's Day package. It came with sunflowers and zinnias. He was all about it and the seeds have already sprouted and well he is very proud of himself. Waters them every day but keeps asking "when will the sunflowers bloom?" and of course I have to tell him that it's months away which means nothing to him.

No pants of course. Are you surprised? I wear 30 layers of clothes and he has no pants on or socks. How is he warm?? I do put pants and socks on him, I swear. He just takes them off though while I'm not looking!

4. Mema also sent him these crayola bath fizz things that turn the water different colors. He's really into it but of course it has to be BLUE every time. Everything has to be blue.

5. We took Lucy on her first walk on Friday. She rode on my belly but out facing the world in the Moby Wrap, which is such a lifesaver by the way...she seemed to love looking at the big, beautiful world instead of at my chest!

6. Here is one picture I got of Brady today. And of course he was trying to hide from me. So this is the best I could do.
7. And one of them together.

8. I miss my Holloman friends. TERRIBLY. My heart aches.

9. I can't wait for the conclusion of the Grey's Anatomy Private Practice CROSS OVER EVENT! So dramatic and intense!

10. A lady at Wal-Mart told me today that Lucy was "All eyes"

Or is she all cheeks?
Happy Day friends and loved ones.


Sarah said...

Love the picture of the two of them together, Brady looks so happy!

Sarah said...

And Brady looks soooo much older in the bath picture!!

The Zaisers said...

The pictures are great. Oh, how I remember the days of spit up. I will keep an eye of for lemon fabric.

Lori said...

I'm hoping my old love for gardening rubs off and somebody there ... it certainly wasn't Jenny! The most interest I got out of her was the science project on "acid rain" in which she fed ivy plants various additives to water and hid them in the closet!

Can't wait to see my "sweet baboo" aka Brady and Lulu Lemon.

Lori said...

Lucy is all eyes and all cheeks just as her mama was in 1979!

Laura said...

Don't worry, Mom...I will be a gardener.

p.s. I did that science project too

Jenny said...

Laura, you can come here in a few weeks and practice being a "gardener", ok?

Lori said...

Jenny and Laura ... there will be no practicing at Jenny's until Me-Ma's garden is helped with! Age before beauty!

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