Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Worth the wait

Since the end of December, Lucy has been smiling at us. You know, the real thing, where you know she's smiling at you. Silly-faced goofy doing whatever it takes to get a smile you. I haven't been able to capture these smiles on "film" yet. But today, thanks to the quickness of the new cam, I was able to get these.
*Disclaimer: I still don't know what I'm doing with this camera. I was experimenting with settings when I captured these so I feel like they are a bit fuzzy and kind of dark. But I still love them. Major learning curve.

And here's a pic of the big boy, I haven't forgotten about him. He's just not as willing to have his picture taken.

By the way, it's finally snowing outside. And we are under a winter storm warning. Which probably means we'll get, ummmm, 1 inch or less. The temps are frigid, tomorrow we're talking negative wind chills. Brrrrrrr.
Stay warm friends, wherever you may be.


Erin said...

Love the picture of her tongue sticking out. It will be so fun to look back at those in a couple of years and remember when. By the way, I think the pictures look great--to my novice eye not fuzzy or dark at all.

Sarah said...

Oh there's that sweet boy of yours, love that gleam in his eyes :) We miss you Brady! Lucy smiles just like her big brother, they both have that same grin.

Carrie said...

So sweet! She looks so much like Brady!

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