Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This picture sums up my life right now! Behind on everything! The good thing is all of that laundry is clean, now if I could just find time to fold it and put it away!

I'll try to catch up, I promise, with pictures from Christmas and Mike's trip to The Rose Bowl. But right now, this little girl is taking up a lot of time for she likes to be held and cuddled and I hate to pass up a cuddly, snuggly, warm little one.
Ok, enough blogging, maybe I should go fold that laundry?!


Erin said...

I would be avoiding that laundry too if I had a little one that would actually sit with me for longer than 3 seconds. Enjoy that little stage while you can, we both know how short it truly is.

The Kaslusky Family said...

Oh Jenny,
Don't worry about the laundry pile. That is how our basement looks, and we don't have any good excuses like two adorable children! Just the excuse of two working fools who do get clean laundry and just never put it away!!!
Hope mike has recovered from the trip and his birthday! ;-)

Sarah said...

LOVE that sweater on her!

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