Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ten on Tuesday, the new camera edition

1. I haven't done a Ten on Tuesday in a long time!

2. Yesterday I got my new digital SLR camera and I am beside myself over it :) I don't know how to use the thing but I'll learn and the pictures will get better I'm sure. I can tell the difference though in the picture quality even just using the "Auto" mode. Look out Brady and Lucy, your every move will be documented from here on out. Actually that's not anything new, I'll just be doing it with a better camera!

3. Here is a pic of Brady and Lucy I took this morning. I can read their minds in this pic...
"Mom, seriously? Stop taking our picture, you have enough already" 4. And one of Lucy, I'm sure this is the first of many times she'll stick her tounge out at me when I take her picture.
5. Loving touch of a brother's hand....

6. Mike is home on "paternity" leave = greatest thing ever. Thank you President Bush.

7. I've ordered Lucy's birth announcement from this etsy shop and I can't wait to share it with you! The designer, Tsh, is awesome and she has been amazing helping me make a very custom announcement. I meant to get these done right after she was born but I was in a fog. And on top of that, only recently have I gotten pictures of this baby girl with her eyes opened.

8. Lucy finally got a crib! Only 5 weeks late!

9. I'm still wishing for a really big, awesome, snow storm.

10. Can't wait for the Steeler game this weekend!!!! HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!!


The Kaslusky Family said...

beautiful photos jenny! my favorite is of lucy with brady's hand in the picture! you will have stellar pics!!!! someday i will get one too! gotta keep working!

I TOO am wishing for a HUGE storm!!! do the storm dance!!!

yea for mike being home! enjoy!
:-) happy day!

Sarah said...

I think it is uncanny how much Lucy looks like your Dad (now, wait, that sounds like I'm saying your beautiful little girl looks like a man!) But you know what I mean...something about the eyes. and her room is beautiful, those colors! It's like a rainbow at sunset!

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