Saturday, August 16, 2008


I brought along some fingerpaints to my parents house last week and a huge roll of paper in case Brady was feeling creative. Fingerpainting lasted about 5 mins. I captured the above picture in those five minutes. A few hours later he asked to get the paints out again and he created toepainting. He was inspired! And it lasted for at least an hour. He had fun, the paints were washable and for the most part it was an easy clean up!

*Some things to note for those of you that are curious....we close on our new house on Monday. We bought blinds for every window yesterday and we will start hanging those today. The carpet is being installed all day Monday. The new appliances and the big splurge (Mike bought a 42" Flat Panel TV) are being delivered on Tuesday. After the carpet is in on Monday we will start moving things over. We imagine we'll be "living" at the house come next weekend. I'm excited and every time I go over there I feel more and more like it's "ours" but I am sad to leave our yard, well more sad for Brady and Coaly, not sad for Mike who has to spend hours each week maintaining it. We'll make our new yard lovely, I know but I will miss the space and the shade.

*And two things I have to write down for my sake before I forget that Brady has told me in the past two days....
"Mama, I cannot give you a hug because hugs are expensive"
"Mama, my waffles are dancing in my belly with orange juice"

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