Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hidden secrets

Today we found this park in our neighborhood! What a nice hidden surprise!
It's nothing special but to Brady it's everything and that's all that matters. It's about a 5 min. walk from our front door which is awesome. Fresh air, no car ride, Coaly can come. In an ideal world, the only thing missing from this park are some swings and a few benches. Put perhaps that's something that the neighborhood can work on getting together for the dozens of kiddos that live here.

The other hidden secret we found just down the street is a farm market with fresh every kind of produce you can think of, all grown right there on the property. We walked out with 5 lbs. of Honey Crisp Apples (my absolute favorite and hard to find) and 3 ears of corn for dinner all for $4.00. The apples are delicious, I've had two since we got home! Brady hit the jackpot while we were there, the older gentleman (what a kindred spirit he was, I could tell) gave him two fresh peaches and a cucumber (his favorite). We will be going there a couple times a week that's for sure. We watched two tractors pulling wagons full of apples while two dogs ran around the wheels of the tractors. It was very nostalgic. Made both B and I happy.

By the way, B and I are having a wonderful day together. Smooth sailing today. He had a popsicle for breakfast, perhaps that helped! Good way to start out the day :) And so far today, two police officers have sat on our street patrolling the race car drivers. That makes me happy.

It's cloudy, cool and threatening rain here in Dayton, OH. It's a perfect afternoon to read or nap or watch TV. Or maybe all three! Happy Wednesday.


Lori said...

Wow ... that's a fabulous playground for a neighborhood! You're very lucky ... you could be on the committee to get those swings going and a couple benches and plant a couple trees! Sounds perfect for you and the little ones.

Farm market sounds great too! Life in the midwest seems wonderful. You love your new location already!

Love, Mom

Carrie said...


Sorry for the comment on here but I realized I didn't have an email for you. Anyway, there are a couple things that Mike and you could do for us if you wouldn't mind. We are trying to prep for this stupid hurricane and that just adds another thing on our plate. Anyway, my e-mail is or you can give me a call 661-435-2512. Thank you so much for offering!!!

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