Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holy Trinity Preschool Program

Lucy's little preschool put on a short and sweet Christmas program on December 10th, 2013.  This crazy Mama made sure she had a front row seat so I could photograph and video the program for Mema and Grandma and Grandpa back in Pennsylvania.  It may or may not have involved some body checking to get the best seat!  Ha!  I'm kidding.  Sort of.

The children's pictures greeted us on the doors into the Parish Center

All set to sing, one of her best little friends, Jenna,, is to her right.

And her other two best little buddies in class, Gianna and Xitali.

Hello, Santa!  (Her preschool teacher's fiancé!  What a good guy!)

Macy wanted a turn too!

We are feeling very  blessed to have found such a nice school for our littles to attend. 

Hope all is well, wherever you may be.

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Lori said...

You definitely made the right choice with Holy Trinity ... such sweet photos ... Lucy is really growing up before my eyes ... and her and Macy now both seem to be OK with Santa ... XXXOOO Mema

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