Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a trip home

On Thursday last week, Lucy, Macy and I packed up and went to Pittsburgh for a nice long weekend!  And lucky for us, snow was in the forecast!  Friday and Saturday were beautiful, snowy, cold days!!   Lucy was so excited she woke us all up early Friday morning with a proclamation that snow was on the street!  Annapolis has not been snow friendly this winter so needless to say, we were excited!

The shovel she is using belonged to my sister and I when we were very young.  Think mid/late 80's. 

Lucy and I took a walk in the woods.

Lots of watching the birds with Pop, this is a favorite activity when we are home.

 It was my sister's Birthday when we were home.....
27 candles!
Lots of special treats, like eating in the family room and root beer!

Oh and oreo cookies!

Macy's favorite activity!  She takes full advantage of three extra people who will read to her!
A hockey game for Laura and I!  Thanks to my parents for staying with the girls!!
And the drive home to Maryland, many of you saw this photo on Facebook, good times, good times.
Brady and Mike had 4 glorious days to themselves and took a special trip to Penn State, I will be back tomorrow with pictures from their time home in Happy Valley.

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