Wednesday, February 1, 2012

long overdue

a long overdue post of pictures from my iPhone! I've seen it called a "phone dump", that's not very eloquent....will have to come up with a better name for it!

lucy at the dentist

the birthday donut

the goofs on brady's birthday

self portrait at the inner harbour

brady's lego cake

brady on pajama day at school, wearing the pajama pants he asked me to make for him

*tacky* tuesday at school, wearing mismatched socks and a hideous awesome time that belonged to mike in high school. 

macy playing in the sandbox during recess at brady's school while i was "lunch mom"

the "monsters" as lucy calls them.  her favorite part of the grocery store!

playing with "cloud dough", something i saw on pinterest.  super fun, super soft, you can mold it and it smells nice!
8 cups flour, 1 cup baby oil! 

Wherever you are, I hope the sun is shining down and you are enjoying the day!

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