Friday, November 12, 2010

we can't get enough

of the leaves!!!

*warning* many many pictures below

we have been eating our lunch outside among the leaves

this is what you see when are laying in the leaves and looking up

her eyes are dangerous

these next few are laugh out loud funny...well at least I think so...

yep, goggles.  totally her idea.  she ran inside and came out with these, put them on and started sliding into the leaves.

gotta protect those baby blues I guess...

Jump in some leaves this weekend, it's invigorating! 

Or stop by our house and help us rake!  HAHA.

No seriously.  Please.  HELP.

Have a great weekend.


Lori said...

So many leaves ... so little time ... so much fun! Love these photos ...


The Kaslusky Family said...

love the pictures.. but do not miss the 6 100 year old trees that used to grace our backyard and blanket the yard every 24 hours... we feel for you, but we spent a lot of money to not have to rake this fall, and are loving it and our GRASSY backyard now! so the K's won't be stopping by to help you rake- heheheh ;-) ENJOY!

Sarah said...

Lulu's hair is getting longer! So pretty...and I love that sweet pink jumper on her!

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