Thursday, November 18, 2010


so trying to get a *good* Christmas card picture this year is going to prove more challenging than ever before.

below are just a few *fantastic* (can you hear the sarcasm) shots I got of my kids when they were all in one place at one time. After taking these, I'm dreading the "photo shoot" that will take place soon to get that one *magical* shot for the Christmas card.  Especially because I'll probably make Brady wear clothes that he doesn't like and I'll force Lucy to wear a bow in her hair. 

Where are Erin Cobb or Nikole Kessel when I need them?

Happy picture taking!


Katie Fonash said...

I say that you go for an outside shot with hats and coats. Maybe near the dock? You have such cute hats for the girls and Brady might be more up for that?

The Kaslusky Family said...

Maybe you do a card with three seperate pictures- one of each kid.. that will be much easier!!

Sally said...

Jenny,I like the second-to-last shot. I'd imagine that that's what your fam looks like on a really regular basis. Happy, but just being themselves. Maybe the pressure for the "perfect" shot isn't worth it when there's so much beauty and perfection in the everyday? You're an amazing mom with an amazing family...don't forget to let yourself off the hook sometimes. :-)

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