Monday, June 28, 2010

Down on the farm

We went to a birthday party this week on a farm.  The kids had a great time - animals, dirt, a maze, more dirt, hayride, pizza, cake, ice cream - good times.  I'm glad my little Brady has made some friends here and the birthday party invitations and play date opportunities are rolling in.
Lucy went for a ride on a horse.  Of course she did.  She has to do all the things the big kids do.  Of course she was obsessed with it, loved it and was grumpy that Mike was trying to "hold" her.  Do you see the smile on her face?

Wonder what they both were thinking?

Ok, back to horse pictures....

Yes, that girl is talking on her cell phone, while guiding my 18-month old on a 1100 lb animal.  It's cool.

I love the catchlight in her eyes!

Monday again...where do the weeks go?  Hope it's a good one in your corner of the world.


The Kaslusky Family said...

love the curls and all those teeth! :-) too pretty lucy!

Team Downing said...

What fun?! My sister did this for her 2yr old. The kids loved it.

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