Thursday, March 4, 2010


Lucy has a miserable cold (again). Yesterday she was so fussy and sad that I decided to put some water in the sink and let her splash her feet around.

That didn't last long of course

This little fun made me think of another little one splashing around in the sink, in March of 2007.  Different house and he wasn't as adventurous (or perhaps his mother was a little bit more overbearing/protective)

Oh melt my heart.  Those eyes, that hair.  Sweet sweet boy.

Happy Thursday.  We have a visitor coming today, Mema!!  But Brady doesn't know, it's a surprise!  I think he's going to fall over with excitement.


Sarah said...

That second picture of her really looks like Brady...and as I was scrolling down, I remembered when you did the same thing with B and was delighted to see the pics of him at the stinkin' cute in those overalls...I miss them both so much! :(

Erin said...

Oh Jenny, what beautiful, beautiful kiddos you have. How I miss that sweet sweet boy. And those overalls are just about the cutest things ever! I hope little Lucy is feeling better and her splashing helped her get over that miserable cold. Have a wonderful weekend with your Mom. Brady is going to be in heaven!

The Kaslusky Family said...

oh what fun pictures! hope your visit is fabulous and that everyone is feeling super!

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