Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don't worry

*warning, snotty, yucky, goopy face below
It's just a cold.

SERIOUSLY???  My child looks like this and "it's just a cold"  Took her to the doc this morning and that's what I was told.  Poor babe.

At least she's still smiling.  Me, not so much....I just want some sleep.


Erin said...

Oh Poor Lucy and poor Jenny. She looks like she's been through the ringer. EJ looked like that this week earlier with the pink eye. Did they look at her gunky eyes? I sincerely hope she can get some rest so you can too. Thinking of you friends.

The Zaisers said...

Poor Lucy and Mommy. Sending feel better wishes for Lucy and the sleep fairy for Mommy.

Sarah said...

HOLY MOLY!! Feel better soon Lucy girl!

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