Monday, February 22, 2010

Annapolis or Bust

In a little over 6 weeks we will bid Dayton farewell and move on to Annapolis, Maryland. Mike has officially turned over his job at Wright-Patterson AFB. He is now in Alabama for a 5 week training called SOS or Squadron Officer School. This past Thursday afternoon, his office threw him a wonderful going away party.

Colonel Hatfield had some really kind things to say about Mike, specifically he talked about how it is quite an accomplishment for Mike to be teaching at The Naval Academy as a officer from the Air Force.  He of course also had words about Mike's energy and enthusiasm for his job.  I love Lucy in this picture, like it was all about her!

This is Mike's current supervisor, also Mike, and also a Penn State grad!
Mike's former supervisor, Jacob presenting him with a really unique picture of the program Mike worked on.

Oh Chris, how we are going to miss you.  We met Chris when we moved to Holloman AFB, New Mexico and he and Mike have been stationed together ever since.  Truly Chris has the kindest heart of anyone I've ever met.
Mary and Rebecca, presenting the family with tshirts that read "Annapolis or bust" with our picture on it.  Lucy was delighted by the shirt, truly, she was beside herself to have it.
Mike thanking the 70 + people that came to bid him farwell.
Miss Ashley who lights up our childrens lives.  They both adore her and I think the feeling is mutal.
Brady wearing his tshirt and drawing on his new white board that they gave him at the party.  That's a steam engine just in case you wanted to know.
Annapolis or Bust!

The people Mike has worked with for the past 3 years are remarkable, kind, generous people.  They wrapped their arms around us with love and we will miss all of them. 


The Zaisers said...

I can't believe you all will be moving so soon. It doesn't seem too long ago that Mike got the assignment. That is so cool that his office gave you all shirts.

Sally said...

What a nice going away! Can't wait to hear about your new adventure with the Navy. I did six months in a Navy town and it was a trip!

Lori said...

Looks like a really wonderful going away party! Mike surely did a wonderful job there and touched a lot of lives ... he'll be missed and I know will miss everyone in Dayton. ... and Lucy did kind of take the show! LOL The pictures of Brady are so adorable ... I know he misses his Dada! Five weeks will fly by ... you'll see!

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