Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Adventure Acres

A few weeks ago I was at work listening to the radio and I heard an ad for a place called My Adventure Acres located in Bellbrook, just a few miles from our house. Called Mike up and he jumped on the website and we knew it was a place we had to check out. My Adventure Acres is home to the largest corn maze in Ohio. 8.5 miles of trails! Besides the corn maze, we took a hayride,. a cowtrain ride and Brady played on an awesome playset that looked like a Pirate Ship. We had a great time and might take a trip back in November (especially if our Gracie Girl is coming to visit us???? SARAH???)

This picture (courtesy of their website) shows the aerial view. We did the airplane and the car. Brady would like to go back and do the train in the bottom half of the picture.
Brady is a huge fan of this cowtrain! What kid wouldn't be??


Sarah said...

Holy cow that looks like the best place ever! Poor Grace misses out on so much fun stuff like that, living in the desert :(

Erin said...

We did something similar, but EJ got us hopelessly lost. We ended up walking around forever and then exiting through the entrance! That's what you get for letting a three year old guide the way though.

You will have to tell Mike that his backpack is very stylish ;)

Sally said...

Ask me how much I love that Mike is wearing a pink paisley backpack. LOVE. I love daddies that love their kiddos enough not to be silly about colors and diaperbags...real men.

Also, this looks like such amazing fun! I miss Dayton more and more every season.

The Kaslusky Family said...

oh way cool jenny! we have a cornmaze nearby in lancaster!! we haven't ever gone though! I agreet= Mke's rasberry fizz backpack rocks!

cool entry!!

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