Friday, October 16, 2009

All you can do

is find your camera and laugh. It sure is magical watching little ones discover their world. Even silly things like toilet paper.

Reminded me of this pic of Brady discovering toilet paper in December of 2006.
This picture also made me laugh because our bathroom in our Bellbrook house was hilarious in a charming(ugly) way, look at those cabinets!

Hope you find something magical in your world this weekend.


Rohe Family said...

Oh the toliet paper....we have had many rounds. The boys have flooded our entire bathroom with just toliet paper. I am talking like inches of water. And one of Maeley's favorite activites is playing with the toliet paper.

Erin said...

Love looking back at the old pictures of Brady. It really brings back the memories. Lucy is getting so big, and of course that means big trouble too. I'm sure we'll have our own new toilet paper pictures soon enough and I can post some of EJ and Molly getting into the same trouble.

The Batts said...

haha! liam hasn't quite discovered TP yet!!! looks like a lot of fun!

Lori said...

Like brother ... like sister!

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