Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: The very wordy, lots of pictures edition

1. Brady is starting preschool two weeks from today! September 8th. He'll just go two mornings a week, Tuesday/Thursday from 8:30-11am. He will be going to St. Brigid, the catholic school in our area. It will be good for ALL of us, right? Yesterday his teacher invited us to come to the classroom to look around and play. He LOVED it. We found his locker and played with trucks and the kitchen. We checked out the bathroom, the water fountain, the cafeteria (where they will have snack) and the library. His teacher, Ms. Kim, is just, of course, the perfect preschool teacher and Brady seems to really like her. The parents are allowed to stay for the first day of school so we can see what they do in a typical day. Maybe that will help ease the tears that are sure to come from this Mama. Tears are normal right?

We found his locker, see the green apple with his name on it. Locker #9. The other apples are for the older children who come on different days/times.
The classroom is *almost* ready, still some boxes to unapck and decorations to hang according to Ms. Kim

Such a bright, warm room.
2. I'm really *proud* of a few of my gardening efforts this year. I didn't seem to get my Mom or Grammy's green thumb, I've killed several flowers this year. However two plants, that everyone said are so hard to grow, seem to be thriving under my care. LOL

This is a plumeria plant, the kind of flowers they use to make Hawaiian lei's. I started growing it in early June and I am so happy to have 12 soon to be blooms. Two as you can see are blooming now. When I first planted it, it was just a stick with no leaves on it!

This is called "Elephant Ear" and I am IN LOVE with this plant. Look at those massive leaves. Brady adores this plant and Mike even commented on it, out of the blue, he called it "awesome" which is quite the compliment from Mike. I'm sad that we won't be in this house next year to see it come back, I imagine next year it will double in size. I'll have to plant on in Maryland if we have the right "conditions" for it.

3. This girl is trouble with a capital T. In the past few days she has pulled over 4 lamps. Seems to be her trademark, as she pulled over a lamp at our friends house about two weeks ago.

4. Yesterday, for the first time, she pulled herself up into a standing position. My camera was sitting right next to me when she did it which was lucky! Glad to have caught the true "first" time on film.

5. Mike and I went to see Harry Potter on Friday night and we both loved it. Our favorite HP movie of the 6 so far.

6. Talked to the lady that is going to be our realtor in Maryland. When I told her what we were looking for and our price range I think I actually heard her chuckle like "yeah right sweetie" We are in for some major sticker shock.

7. Brady (thankfully) is really loving Lucy these days. Now that she crawls, stands and really plays with toys, I guess he is starting to see her as a little friend. I took these pics this morning with my little camera and although they are not great, I'm glad to have them. She is giving him this huge wet slobbery kisses in many of them.

8. I still have so many things I want to post here on the blog but can never seem to find the time.

9. Wishing I could go to the beach.

10. At the time of the original post I said that we weren't sure what was going on with Mike's deployment but in the last few hours everything has become clear and the deployment was CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great way to end a 10 on Tuesday!


Wendy said...

Clayton is starting preschool this fall too! I've gone back and forth on whether or not I can really send him. It's so sad. He's just a baby. Congrats to Lucy on the pulling up. Eli's still not moving anywhere. Why crawl when you can just scream, and Mommy will pick you up?

Erin said...

Brady's school is great! That is a wonderful little classroom and he is going to have such a fun time there. So nice that they let you stay on the first day--that makes for a good transition and will help you when asking about his day because you will know the routine. Lucy is adorable as always. Can't believe she is already pulling up! She will be walking before you know it. Take care my friend and we will see you in a week and a half!

The Batts said...

so great that Mike's deployment got cancelled!!! is it postponed again?

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