Monday, October 22, 2012

The Color Run

Many months ago I read somewhere online about a 5K called The Color Run. I knew instantly that we had to do this! So I waited patiently for them to announce one nearby and lo and behold, two dates in Washington DC showed up for the fall. Yesterday was the big day and wow, did we have a fantastic time!!!

This was Brady's first 5K experience and we couldn't have found a better first run for a kiddo! I mean, really, what 6 year old wouldn't want to run through colored cornstarch flying at you from all sides resulting in a crazy, colorful, mess!

If you are considering The Color Run, I would highly recommend it.  Mike, Brady and I had a fantastic time and would do it again in an instant.  We plan on signing up for the next Color Run that we can.

Everyone was given this little packet that was full of color for the "Color Explosion" at the end of the run

We received orange and green packets!

My shirt after the first color which was pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Brady and Mike after color #2, orange.

3 colors down and still running strong.

Almost to the finish line!

Brady at the finish line of his very first 5K!

Here's the color explosion!  Amazing!! 

One tired color runner.
Here is a video of Brady and Mike going through blue, the last color.  It was just as much fun as it looks!!

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The Batts said...

did brady run the whole thing??? if so that is impressive!

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