Tuesday, June 5, 2012


In the blink of an eye, another school year is over.  I remember sitting here writing with tears streaming down my face about Brady finishing preschool.  Digging in the sandbox, sweet baby face.  And now I sit and write about the last day of Kindergarten.

This is what the first day of Kindergarten looked like.  A rainy, dreary Tuesday.
 And here is what the last day of Kindergarten looked like.  He added the stars :)


This growth chart is in his classroom, they were measured on the 1st day and the last day of school.  All the children did quite a bit of growing!  So neat to see.

The children were all set to give a performance of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

And their classroom looked a little bit different set up for the play and to receive goodies from their teachers.
 Brady was the green, green grass at his request.  They looked so cute.
 And his sisters watched on, fairly quietly and patiently. 

After their performance, each child received a medal that was made for them by Mrs. Weadon.  The medal has a 9 charms on it representing a saint or virtue they learned each month: The Crucifix, St. Therese, St. Juan Diefo, The Holy Family, A Guardian Angel, Blessed Imelda Lamberini, St. Patrick, The Passion, and Mary, Our Blessed Mother.  Then they sang This Little Light of Mine.

They also came home with a 12x12 scrapbook they made themselves during the school year and their very sweet chapel book, full of reminders of the lessons they learned about in religion.

Look at those gorgeous sunflowers the teachers sent me home with for being the Room Mom.
 Brady's classmates, their families and his teachers came back to our house for a luncheon.  We welcomed them with this entrance!
And here is a good shot of the beautiful medal.  And Mrs. Weadon, if you are reading this, he hasn't taken it off since Friday. 
 A beautiful spread of delicious food that everyone brought.
 Eating lunch with some of his sweet friends.
And Mrs. Weadon, a most Godly, patient, loving, caring teacher.  A hero.  She was just who we needed this year. So blessed that she is in our lives.  So happy that she also lives in our neighborhood!
And Mrs. Sutherland, the assistant in his class.  But of course she is more than an assitant.  Caring, funny, loved by all, extremely patient. 
We will never forget these teachers.  Brady will have such strong, amazing, fun memories from Kindergarten.  He was given such a tremendous gift at St. John's  The obvious, the gift of learning but more important, perhaps, thanks to these teachers, the gift of Faith.  A gift that will certainly last a lifetime. 
Thank you so much to these ladies. They are Earth Angels. You are true heroes to us.  And true friends.

Congrats little buddy, you did it!  With flying colors!  You had an incredible Kindergarten year and we are so proud of you.

A special thanks to my parents for making Brady's year at St. John's possible.  Thank you is not adequate really. You gave him the very best gift possible, the gift of education and love for his faith. We are forever grateful. 

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