Thursday, December 1, 2011

60 Years of Memories

On Thanksgiving Day, my Dad, Kevin, turned 60 years young.  I am so glad we were able to be home to celebrate not only Thanksgiving but his Birthday!

We started getting our gift ready for our Dad back in early October when we sent out an email to friends and family asking for help.  We were looking for memories of our Dad from the people that know and love him best.  And wow, his friends and family overwhelmingly responded. 

Letters from childhood friends, Canevin High School friends, John Carroll University friends, letters from friends in our old neighborhood, friends from their current neighborhood, our priest at Sts. John and Paul, many of his 10 brothers and sisters, nephews....all poured into my house.
 We folded them up (the ones that we could) and placed them in these fun Air Mail envelopes
 I had some help....
We packaged them up

 and placed them in a box that Brady decorated 

 And then for several hours (over two days)
 he sat and read some incredible words from his friends and family.
 Words and sentiments that made him laugh out loud
 And others that made him cry
 Inside jokes from old college roommates that only they would understand!
 From the bottom of my heart, thank you to those that participated and wrote to our Dad.
I'm pretty sure he loved it but perhaps I might have loved it more....I learned so many things about this amazing man that is my Dad.  Stories that I had never heard, acts of kindness that I never knew about it.
 Not only was it special for my Dad, it was special for me. 
 60 years of memories of an unbelievably humble, caring, funny, gentle man who is loved by so many.
Especially these three, his biggest fans.
Happy Birthday Dad/Pop Pop.  We love you so much.


bevsblu1 said...

Jenny, what a beautiful tribute to such a wonderful man, your dad. When I moved to Pittsburgh in high school, your mom took me under her wing (when i really didn't want to be there) and made me her friend. We would would start to drool over you dad if we just glimpsed him in the hall or dafeteria. He was quite the hunk. We didn't know back then that the Lori would one day be his wife. They are truly blessed to be together. Love to all, Bev Gelety

bevsblu1 said...

That would be cafeteria. I never could type.

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