Sunday, July 24, 2011


Summer mornings, for us, look a lot like this....

Lowering the crab cage with a chicken neck, yes, you read that right, a chicken neck, as bait.

Another crabbing technique, attaching a chicken neck to a rope and attaching the rope to the post on the pier and throwing the rope/chicken into the water

Catching blue crabs requires quite a bit of patience! 

oooh we got one!

This is a male blue crab, if we wanted too, we could keep him to cook/eat because 1. he is a he and 2. he is bigger than 5 inches. On this day, we caught 3 males and 2 sunfish! I didn't get any pictures of the sunfish though! A very pretty fish! We just crab for fun though, we throw them all back in the water once we poke at them a bit!

We love mornings like these.


The Siglar Bunch said...

Jenny, these pictures are amazing. I bet the kids are really enjoying this outdoor fun!!

Sarah said...

Love that pic of Macy, she is so sweet...and Lulu's sunglasses??! A riot!

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