Thursday, May 19, 2011

well hello there.

nice to see you blog.  it's been awhile.

we are having computer issues.  hard drives crashing, pictures mysteriously disappearing, one laptop completely dead for lack of a better word.  so i have been very cautious about downloading anything to our computer in fear of losing it (thankfully only lost one set of pics from my birthday) and why i haven't blogged in for.ever.

we went to pittsburgh this past weekend to see my incredibly amazing sister run the pittsburgh marathon.  below are some snapshots of our time in the 'burgh, at mema, pop and laura's house.  they never want to leave.  i don't blame them.

i'm not sure why i'm not using capital letters when appropriate.  forgive me.  i'm tired.

finally a picture of her teeth!

waiting for laura to run by!

oh this baby, she was unbelievably good for this very long, rainy day.  didn't fuss a bit as we schleped all over pittsburgh. 

he was so proud, concerned, excited for laura.  lulu and brady made this sign.

we found her!

she took a little break to chat with us.

yay!!!  she did it!!!!

i am so proud of her.  i mean, wow.  running a marathon is intense.  something i can only dream of doing.  you are amazing laura.

congratulations laura.  you make us all so proud. xoxo

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