Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It was a wonderful day.

Lulu went and disobeyed. 

She turned 2.  I told her not to do it.

But she did.

We started off the morning with a birthday Dunkin Donut!
Then she took birthday suit literally.

Cuddled with her sister for a bit, her favorite thing to do.  Really.  She says "hold her again" about 30 times a day.
Then we went to a really great Train Garden.  You might think that this was a Brady activity but really, she is just as obsessed with trains as he is.  Guess that's what happens when you have a big brother.

Then she took a nap, this is the picture I snapped at 2:30pm, the time of her birth.
While she napped I got the presents ready!
This crib was made with love by Mike, isn't it just beautiful?
And these little blankets and the sheet on the "mattress" were sewn (ha!) by your's truly.
Then the birthday girl opened presents sent from around the country from loving friends and family.
And then the playing began.
Grandma and Grandpa called!
And Mema, Pop and Aunt Laura watched her blow out her birthday candles on some delicious cupcakes.
Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy.  You are truly a delight.  Thank you for filling our lives with so much laughter and love.
(photo courtesy of Brady Zollars)


The Batts said...

such a great post!! love all the memories! can't believe she is already 2!

Erin said...

Made me tear up a bit. What a fantastic birthday. Molly wants to know if Mr. Mike takes orders on those beautiful cradles--love, love, love that!

The Kaslusky Family said...

love the cradle and the LUCY chair!!! ;-) J got one for his 1st bday from my parents.. we LOVE IT! oooh and what was in the AMGirl Boxes???

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! I love the snuggle picture with Macy. The matching pacifiers are too sweet.

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