Thursday, July 9, 2009


I heard about this great little pizza place about 9 miles away from us in a town called Cedarville. I was getting my hair cut and the hairdressers couldn't stop talking about how delicious the pizza was. So we decided to check it out while my parents were here and we all left with very full and satisfied belly's. Mike and I have decided it will probably be our go to for Pizza Friday's. It was charming and the food was delicious. Love finding "local" places, those "Mom and Pop" shops that you much rather support than the big chains. Here are some pics from our evening at Colonial's.

Brady feeding Lucy a "Puff"

My parents!

Laura and I, it appears we were matching.

Pop and Brady. Brady gets his curls from Pop!

After dinner we stopped by Cedar Cliff Falls just to check out "the falls". So beautiful and peaceful. This park is actually a very large county park but we only had time to see one smalll part of it. We plan on going back to take a long walk exploring other areas of it.
Do you see Mike and Brady?

I have a lot more pictures to share of time spent with our families! We have had lots of visitors in the past two weeks and are looking forward to more in the upcoming weeks. Happy almost weekend!


Sally said...

Meant to make the comment a couple of posts ago, but you have the prettiest family, Jenny. No wonder Brady and Lucy are so cute. What a great gene pool!

The Batts said...

great family pics! you look awesome!!!

Nikole said...

Jenny, don't you just love Colonials. We go there often too!
Love the pics!
You have to tell me where those falls are! I want to go!!

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